• Use the sliders in any of the images below to see the before and the after of the respective image blended into each other.
    The before image is shown on the left and the after image (processed image) is on the right.



ANIA Eve - Hi, don’t get me wrong,
I liked the Original most, of this Finland photo,
Don’t look to trends, it reminds me extremely of a picture (Bing) in Canada –
I Collected Bing ‘daily’ Images,
it has most a sphere of cheap Stock photos
for everybody, especially new Bing ‘daily’ images,
Your photo is great, I would also try to get effects,
But subtitle, less is often more,
Keep it up and don’t be surprised,
about my critical comment,
I ‘m honest with what I say, I. Learned to shoot
Photos with an EXA 1b, a manual Camera,
made long ago in former GDR, with Celluloid,
not easy, but I made good photos. You are a professional, Anja, Amsterdam

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